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Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump’s airstrike on Syria delivers another blow to Obama’s legacy

In a flash, President Trump’s missile strike on Syria conveyed America’s moral outrage over the slaughter of innocents and delivered a lethal warning to two-bit tyrants everywhere.

The attack did something else, too. It punched a giant hole in the battered legacy of Barack Obama.

The former president talked early and often about Syria, but wasted six years and countless lives with hand-wringing dithering. He failed to enforce his red line about Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, kicking the job to Trump, who acted just two days after Assad again unleashed fiendish weapons on his own people.



Anonymous said...

Hold on just a minute!!!
There were no chemical weapons there! Clinton, Kerry and Rice told us so.
You mean they lied to us... again!!!

Anonymous said...

"Anything" our good president does will deliver a blow to the guys so called legacy.I still can't and never will stand to look at the past failure.
President Donald J. Trump is just doing the job, not trying to throw any blows. The good man knows how to run the operation. Happy, happy, happy.