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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

People Noticed Something VERY Odd About North Korea’s Military Parade This Weekend

I have to say, after reviewing the pics, that North Korea’s display of military power looks at least partially bogus. The one pic showing a missile with the nose pointing up is damning. And if you look closely, it almost appears as if they used papier-mache to make them. Jennifer Griffin of Fox News has pointed out before that North Korea’s parades are fake and it certainly looks as if that is the case here.

You might ask yourself why would they would do that? Several things come to mind. They might not want their actual weapons out where they could be hit by enemies. They might not have as many as they claim. Either one of those are solid possibilities here. I would go with the first one. Don’t fool yourselves… they definitely have functional weapons. Our intelligence confirms it and it is why we are taking the threat very seriously. I just heard that Hawaii is calling for a reinforcement to their defenses because of North Korea.



Anonymous said...

The USSR used fake weapons in their parades 30+ years ago. Knowing most of NK's arms are 30+ year old Soviet union's not likely, it's a fact that the parade stuff are fake.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, in the Soviet Union's May Day parades they would show off over 300 bombers flying in formation over Red Square. We finally figured out they had 30 bombers and they would circle around and make multiple passes. North Korea probably has 10 missiles and the trucks circle around for multiple trips in front of the reviewing stand.

Anonymous said...

I noticed 2 or 3 of those missiles went by in the very same configuration. Weird, but there.