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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Make Pepsi Political Again

The solution to a failed politicized marketing campaign? Politicize your brand even more.

Pepsi's unintentionally brilliant marketing campaign with Kendall Jenner was derided by leftists as a for-profit appropriation, namely of #Resist and #BlackLivesMatter.

It's more hype than Pepsi has gotten in ages. As the furor has died down, thought leaders are questioning how the brand can recover with deeply scarred consumers.

Two liberal copywriters have a solution to the Kendall Jenner ad controversy: go all in.



Anonymous said...

Go ahead and put Jenner's picture on a Pepsi can and see the profits plummet.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey goes better with Coke, anyway, so I now have a second reason.

See, ya, Poopsie!