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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

9 tech giants who think robots could replace countless American jobs over the next 20 years

In fulfillment centers around the US, thousands of tiny orange robots sort packages for Amazon. In a California factory, red, multi-armed machines assemble Tesla's electric vehicles of the future.

This is the world the tech industry is creating.

According to most available data, the next 20 years will involve rapid automation of manual labor and customer service jobs. Millions of employees could be forced to learn new skills or change roles entirely.

Here's how the tech executives are responding to the threat of a robot takeover.



Anonymous said...

This will absolutist happen... MC D's already has started to put in self serve kiosks like what wawa and royal farms has... Now they have a thing called a Big Mac ATM where you put in the money or swipe a card, and it dispenses a burger... I haven't heard to much on that right now so I am not sure exactly how that works... Now there is a man who developed and is testing it in actual restaurants, where a robot can actually put a burger on the grill and flip it, then put it on a bun... So in essence, the tech is already here... Now you also have a lot of companies who want to use drones, so imagine not just the police or firefighters with drones, but amazon or burger king or domino's will have one too... You all want this tech, but fail to realize all of the bad things that will come with it... Crashes, people being hurt, loss of jobs, and the list goes on...

Anonymous said...

Careful what one wishes for. Skynet is right around the corner!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL yea I suggest you do a bit of research as this was the scare tactics and headline news in the 80-90's

Just a bit of history repeating itself. I guess the MSM is running out of scare news so they are just doing reruns.

Anonymous said...

I saw a science program on Netflix about advances we may see or our children will see in the year 2050. Robots will be doing must of the surgery on people. Organs and body parts will be replaced much like we replace parts on machines today. Organs can be grown from our dna and replaced without rejection. Healthcare will be more invasive and monitored. Most people will have clothing or jackets that monitor your vital signs and notify authorities of any health emergency's.
Families will be optional, with Robots becoming companions for those who cannot or chose not to have a partner. You will see more implants that will blend with man and machine. Discrimination in the future will be with your DNA. See the movie Gatta. You will be judged on your genetic health and intelligence. All others will be considered no more than cattle.