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Monday, April 03, 2017

How Scared Should People on the Border Be?

BROWNSVILLE, TEX. — The news here on the border with Mexico travels fast.

Most of it is, in fact, “fake news” — conjecture and unverifiable gossip exchanged over “el Feisbuk,” which is what people here in the Rio Grande Valley call the social network. Instead of snapshots and emojis, it now disseminates warnings. People are frightened, and frightened people repeat things that frighten them more:

Stay at home tomorrow. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is conducting raids in the kitchens.

Don’t send your kids to school on Wednesday. The border patrol is looking for kids with no papers.

Don’t drive down 802 on Fridays anymore.



Anonymous said...

Good. the only problem is we allowed it way to long.

Anonymous said...

We, did not allow anything, on the other hand, Obama allowed anything and everything.

Anonymous said...

Lots of projection in that article. The most telling being the final paragraph when the author mentions how his father, a 71 year old naturalized citizen, really didn't need his help.

bayman said...

They continue to make it a race issue. No one said anything about sending back the mexicans, they want the illegals out. If you are illegal, you're not wanted here in America. Ok?