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Monday, April 03, 2017

Council bumps tow fees, keeps current regs

The Ocean City Council will be staying in the towing regulatory business, at least for now, as it voted Tuesday to raise the cost of a standard tow from $150 to $250.

What it will do next year, after the development of the new Public Works complex forces the city to close its 65th Street impound lot, remains to be seen.

Until then, however, the new rates for the tow and impound lot storage will be in effect.

Of the $250 tow fee, Ocean City would receive $50 as an administrative fee.

A steep increase in impound lot storage at $50 per day was also passed. Under the 2008 ordinance, storage started at $10 a day and increased to $15 an additional day. Drivers would also be charged impound fees per calendar days, so someone who had a car towed at 10 p.m. and picked it up the next morning would be charged for two days.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm..if things (65th Street impound is closing) and "remains to be seen" is on the table. I would hope City Hall would try to figure it out NOW rather than pushing it to the back burner when it will become hot 10 months from now, yes?

Finished smoking issues; have the new beach ball water downtown water tower; painting the trash cans; Springfest in less than a month (Joan Jett); cruisers coming (along with the trailer fiasco still an issue); Preakness weekend; BOOM the season starts.

I think you can squeeze another couple of sessions to figure out the towing issue that will be here in 2018! That would be the STRATEGIC thing to do!!

Anonymous said...

If you try to walk, we'll tax your feet,
If you try to sit we'll tax your seat.
--The Taxman by The Beatle's
Soon to be the new OCMD theme-song. Maybe they can put that on the website.

Anonymous said...

Hope they can get this update into 2017 advertisements up and down the mid-Atlantic states!