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Monday, April 03, 2017

Hangups over tele-scammers

Eleven tele-scammers called my house recently. I get an average of four or five calls per day. Some days, I get one or two; other days I can get 12-13. The police and government agencies will put out scam warnings, but let me tell you this: if your phone rings and you don’t recognize the number, you have a 98-percent chance of it being a scam. Ask yourself this: Does, or why would, anyone call me with a deal that’s good for me? Some are legal, but most are just plain ripoffs and scams.

I get the usual calls such as the I.R.S. has warrants for my arrest; Microsoft calling to tell me that my computer has been sending them messages. Cardmember Services, Google listings, etc. I get them all, over and over. You can push “2” to get off the list, you can ask nicely, you can ask rudely, I’ve begged, but you’re never removed from any list. If anything, you’re added to more lists.

There’s even a fellow that calls and says he’s calling on behalf of Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). He’s collecting for them; I believe he’s legit, but a hired gun to collect because he’ll answer questions. However, one answer to a question is that the F.O.P. gets 15 percent of money raised, meaning they keep 85 percent. I contacted Dover PD and Delaware State Police, and no one knows anything about this. So, beware of that one. I fully support the police, but I’ll just donate directly when I do. I just learned of a new scam where you answer and can’t understand what is said. Then you hear “can you hear me now?” which is a recording. Then you say “yes,” which gives your permission for them to do whatever it is that they are trying to do.



Anonymous said...

You CAN Block their asses Out on Comcast > go online

up to 25 can be blocked >>> It WORKS >>> I did it !!!!

LOve it !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I first moved to SBY (2002) I would get calls every other day from the Daily Times. I would keep them on the phone with outrageous requests and stories. One particular salesperson was a cut above the rest.
I listened to her pitch and then told her that I was illiterate. She asked if anyone in the house could read. I shouted upstairs to my roommate asking and he yelled back "NO"! She then told me how great the pictures in the paper are. What a saleswoman!

Anonymous said...

I quit answering phone calls over 20 years ago. Originally just let everything go to the answering machine and if it was a legitimate call they would start talking. Now I just look at the phone # and if I don't recognize it I don't answer, still just let it go to the answering machine. Only really have a phone so I can talk to my mom, everyone else is text or email.