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Monday, April 03, 2017

BOOM! Trump’s Education Secretary Just Stuck It To Obama!

At least Betsy DeVos is sane, which is more than you can say for her predecessor or Barack Obama. She’s bluntly saying that throwing money at the problem isn’t solving it and boy, isn’t that the truth? Obama and others have thrown billions at our school system and all it has done is made corrupt officials wealthy. It sure as hell hasn’t helped our kids or the schools themselves. It’s like all that money goes into a giant black hole and just disappears. The graft and corruption connected to it is massive. I’m glad that DeVos did this. It’s way past time.

All that money and math and reading scores just keep going down. And the problem isn’t the kids… it’s the teachers, the teachers’ union and the superintendents, politicians and school board officials and others who are gaming the system and lining their pockets. They’ll scream bloody murder over this, but it has to be done. DeVos went further: “Waiting and hoping for a miracle, while blocking efforts that can help millions of children immediately, is simply not something this administration will abide,” she said.



Anonymous said...

And the critics said Devos was inexperienced with no qualifications. Come find out she is the brightest bulb in the system.

Anonymous said...

More than 85% of public school funding comes from the State and Local municipalities. In this case, reforms should begin at home.

Anonymous said...

Most teachers are pretty well equipped to teach their students. They are and have been hamstrung by choices made in DC and Annapolis and forced upon school districts, who in turn force the teachers.

We need to create an environment where gifted kids can forge ahead; where Joe/Jane average can learn and develop skills to take them productively into life equipped to change and adapt; and where students needing extra support can flourish to the best of their abilities. We can do better but need to reduce the 'top down' influence in setting priorities and choices.

Some enrichment programs bear good fruit; others don't. Use a results driven model.

Conservative teacher said...

I'm a teacher. We've known this for years. About time someone said it. But joe, why do you insist on posting articles bashing us? I work very hard, have a masters, and volunteer for a million different things at school. I make 20-30% less than my similarly educated peers (science). Again, teachers aren't the problem! It's Annapolis and really Washington!

Anonymous said...

BRING back Expulsions for thug teens.