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Thursday, April 20, 2017

History of EPA Employee Misconduct Could Result in Layoffs

Only 6.5 percent of EPA employees are 'essential'

The Environmental Protection Agency has been riddled with employee misconduct, including workers who drink, smoke marijuana, and watch porn on the job.

Inspector general reports over the past few years detailing employee misbehavior could serve as ammunition for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who is seeking to eliminate 25 percent of the 15,000 employees at the agency.

Only 6.5 percent of EPA employees are "essential," according to the government's own calculations when it faced a shutdown in 2013. At the time, just 1,069 employees were deemed necessary to continue working during the 16 days the government closed.



Anonymous said...

Although unacceptable - misconduct happens everywhere. Local, State, Federal Govt's as well as private industry. Govt's (because of rules/laws) have a more difficult time getting rid of the trouble makers. Making another law or rule just to get rid of bad apples only ADDS to the long list of junk laws/rules out there.

Gov't isn't private industry, nor should be compared to private industry. One is not for profit, while the other is for profit - hence private industries easy ability to fire anyone on the spot!

Gary said...

Disgusting to read about these open and ignored facts. Spending tax payers money like it doesn't matter.......drain the damn swamp!

Anonymous said...

"Emergency essential". Nice twist though. Ban the EPA, who cares about the earth, let the next generation deal with it right?

Anonymous said...

no surprise here. i would imagine MOST agencies can be cut in half and still do their job and get it completed.

Anonymous said...


No, we should do what you want and ban the humans