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Thursday, April 20, 2017

How the feds are letting germs run wild in hospitals

Going into a hospital? It’s getting riskier because of drug-resistant infections — the kind almost no drug can cure. Despite one federal government “action plan” after another, the germs are winning. Government authorities are clueless about how many infections there are or how many patients are dying.

Alarming new research shows one of the deadliest bugs, nicknamed CRE, is actually striking three times more patients than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us. One lesson from the war against AIDS: level with the public about the enormity of a problem if you want to start defeating it.

Yet government authorities are doing the opposite, helping hospitals conceal superbug outbreaks from the public and deliberately leaving infections off death certificates.



Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Sounds VERY familiar.

Anonymous said...

Alright faux-doctors and anti-vaxxers of the shore. Line up so we can hear your opinions after having no experience in the medical field!

Anonymous said...

And before you know it one of these will become an epidemic.