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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Clintonland's response to tell-all book accidentally proves book's entire point

Hillary Clinton's inner circle is not happy about the release of a new book alleging her failed presidential run was plagued from the get-go by infighting, pessimism and chronic dysfunction.

Staffers and confidants have pushed back on the book, Shattered, with a counternarrative alleging that, actually, the 2016 Clinton campaign was great fun.

"I feel so lucky to have worked for the right candidate — a woman who still inspires us — with an amazing group of talented true believers," the campaign's deputy communications director, Christina Reynolds, wrote in ablog post. "I hope that no book, no impugned motives, no stories about staff bickering takes that away from any of those amazing coworkers. In the end, I'm still very proud to be with her. And with them."

However, the tell-all bookpaints the former secretary of state's 2016 campaign in a very different, and unflattering, light.


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