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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Oklahoma lawmakers debate bill requiring men's permission for abortion (+video)

HB 1441 would require a woman seeking an abortion to obtain written permission from her sexual partner.

Oklahoma lawmakers on Tuesday will discuss a bill that, if passed, will require all women seeking an abortion to get written permission from the father of the fetus.

According to Oklahoma House Bill 1441, a woman must provide the name of her sexual partner to the physician performing the abortion prior to the procedure. The bill reads, "if the person identified as the father of the fetus challenges the fact that he is the father, such individual may demand that a paternity test be performed." The only circumstances in which these requirements would be waived is if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, the mother's life is put at risk, or the father of the fetus is dead.



Anonymous said...

That would mean that every biological father would be identified before an abortion could be legally authorized.
That could be a problem for some men who just want to deposit sperm and be on their way.

Anonymous said...

If the father says no to the abortion, the mother should be allowed to hand the newborn and the hospital bill to the father and walk away from both.

Anonymous said...

If the woman is married then the father should have to sign a permission slip for the abortion. Case in point. My father loved me and my mother, if it had been possible at that time, would have aborted me in a heart beat. Or so she told me for all of her long miserable life. Being a child of a mentally ill woman isn't a good life I can attest to that...but once out on my own I did well. I, for one, am grateful she didn't have the means to abort me and so are my children and grandchildren that would have perished as well.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions? If you don't want to become pregnant, be responsible! Isn't free birth control still an option? Why should taxpayers pay for your irresponsibility? Pay for your choices!

Anonymous said...

7:31 No one said anything about taxpayer paying for the abortion in this bill. It applies to any abortion regardless of the payer.