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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Are You With Me?


Anonymous said...

Until the girl scouts divest themselves of their ties with planned parenthood, I will never buy the cookies again.

Anonymous said...

Samoas' and Thin mints get me every single time. I know Keebler makes similar cookies (since I've tried them), but nothing beats the originals.

So when I eat them, I don't drink that evening. Kinda a self policing (at least in my mind) Thank goodness the Girl Scouts only come once a year so not to interfere with my drinking! HAHA

Yeah I know the cookies are on the interwebs all year long - that would totally spoil my drinking! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Good and safe Thursday everyone!

Anonymous said...

I supported them, and their cause most of my life. But not anymore. Their cause has become perverted, and their cookies are overpriced to support the new perverted organization. Besides that, they are NOT good for you. When the "girls" are boys, the organization that calls itself the "Girl Scouts" isn't all girls anymore, then its just not something I can support. Call me old fashioned, or just a bigot, I don't care. Personally, I call it biology. If its not biology, then it's a mental disorder. And what's their support of abortion all about? How can they claim "To serve God and my country" as the intro to their motto, and support and teach the killing of the unborn?

Anonymous said...

The cookies are not good for you. Over priced and loaded with blood sugar spiking sugars. And supports causes that most God loving people would object to. I'm done with them.