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Thursday, March 02, 2017

OC: Town, Union Reach Deal On Scheduling, Ratify New EMS Contract

OCEAN CITY — The Town of Ocean City and its firefighter-paramedic union reached an agreement Tuesday on a new contract that somewhat reflects a compromise on the controversial shift change, but at least one of the parties is not entirely pleased with all aspects of the new deal.

Last year, the deadline on the town’s new contract with the Career Firefighter Paramedics Association of Ocean City, of Local 4269, expired without an agreement on a variety of issues, most notably a change in the scheduling of shifts for the resort’s paramedics. With the deadline approaching last February, the IAFF 4269 negotiation team walked away when the town and its fire department administrators would not budge on a provision in the proposed contract that would eliminate the paramedics current shift schedule.

As a result, the town’s “last, best and final” offer essentially became the de facto contract by default as negotiations continued on a long-term deal. That three-year contract was ratified by the Local IAFF 4269 late on Tuesday although the union members are still not pleased with the changes to the shift rotations included in the deal.



Anonymous said...

The Delmarva.Now article this morning made me aware of something I guess I had not given much though to. Probably because, I did not have an egg in that basket, and any knowledge I had on the subject was what I was reading in Salisbury News.

I had an A-Ha moment reading Salisbury Fire Co's paid and volunteer firemen were at odds over a difference of opinion But this was no different then other fire company's operating with paid and volunteer personnel. From the few times I took time to read the many Salisbury News reports and vicious comments I would think "I would quit SFD if I were a member".

Now I expect I will judge if the writers Are fair and balanced. Then I remembered this is a blog. A blog is a writer's opinion - not news. It would behoove me to search for "the other side of the story" before reaching an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Almost 12 hours later, and one comment. Look at various Facebook post, no likes or comments. When is this self centred union going to get it, people don't care, and are tired of your crying and moaning. Go ahead, file your petition, then the citizens will deal the final blow. Goodnight Ryan, you distroyed a great group of people.