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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Municipalities Seek Greater Share Of Casino Revenue

SNOW HILL- Snow Hill Mayor Charlie Dorman made a plea for video lottery funding as he approached county officials with his town’s annual budget request last week.

Dorman told the Worcester County Commissioners Snow Hill was seeking its usual $450,000 grant from the county for fiscal year 2018, but again advocated for Snow Hill and Pocomoke to receive some of the slots revenue associated with the Casino at Ocean Downs.

“Just give Snow Hill and Pocomoke 1 percent,” Dorman said. “One percent would help.”

He told the commissioners the town’s activity was beginning to increase, as seven new businesses had opened since 2015 and four more were underway.

“Some of you might think we’re a lost cause but we’re not,” he said.



Anonymous said...

I guess not only people are addicted to gambling, it now appears that governments have become addicted too.

Anonymous said...

Ocean Pines is not a City. Why do they get any money? They are free loaders!!!

Anonymous said...

Those who didn't want a casino ala NIMBY, are always ahead of the line for their share. How bout bake sales NIMBY's....or heavy traffic enforcement during the vacation months?? What, don't know how to do those things (wink wink).....

only one thing worse than snowflakes - CUPCAKES!

Anonymous said...

3:40 Would be a valid comment except Pocomoke lobbied to get the casino in their town.