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Saturday, March 18, 2017

School wants parents to take responsibility

It's a timeless question: where do a school's responsibilities begin, and where do they end?

This is especially relevant when considering where to draw the line between what constitutes parents' responsibilities and a school's.

A Portuguese school decided to clarify the matter once and for all, by sticking a poster in its halls- and the message they're sending is now spreading like wildfire.



Anonymous said...

Just send the kids to the NON-PROFIT "AFTER SKOOL SATAN CLUB" like they have in US publik skools.

Anonymous said...

So true!!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Post copies not only in school halls, but on every refrigerator of every parent's home.

Anonymous said...

You can send it home to all parents, but guaranteed someone will be offended and complain.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone finally had the balls to say that.

Anonymous said...

It appears the bottom lines are cut off. They are

"Here at school, we teach math, history, geography, physics, biology, English, and physical education. We are only strengthening the education that the child receives from their parents at home! "

I hope every school age child and the parents receives a copy of this. Add it in the budget please - President Trump and Governor Hogan !!!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

can the parents read English? (map)