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Saturday, March 18, 2017

These Banks Will Now Charge You A 4.00% Prime Rate

One of Janet Yellen's stated reasons behind the Fed's rate hike has been to reward savers with a slightly higher rate of interest on their deposits: after all, for nearly a decade the interest collected by depositors across US banks, with a few exceptions, has been 0.0% or thereabout. Unfortunately, as noted yesterday, even with the Fed Funds rate now the highest it has been in a decade at 0.75%-1.00%, that does not mean that any bank will be hard pressed to compete for America's savings - with some $2.1 trillion in excess reserves still out there, and with many banks shutting down "unprofitable" accounts, quite the contrary - and as such, the unspoken message in yesterday's rate hike is that savers are, once again, screwed.

However, while most banks are in no rush to pay savers and depositors more, or anything for that matter, they wasted no time in piggybacking on the Fed's rate hike by boosting their own Prime Rate, the interest that banks charge their most credit-worthy customers. To be sure, the vast majority of borrowers pay vastly higher interest rates, but Prime - like Libor - serves as the floating benchmark for many, if not most now that Libor is defunct, outstanding secured and unsecured loans, including credit cards and mortgages.

It is those borrowers who may be interested to know that as overnight, virtually every bank has now increased its Prime rate from 3.75% (where it was after the December rate hike) to 4.00%, oh and they have no obligations to notify debtors of the increase

Among the banks who have announced an increase in their Prime rate are the following:
Bank of America
BBVA Compass
BMO Harris Bank
BNY Mellon
Citizens Financial
Fifth-Third Bancorp
JPMorgan Chase
M&T Bank
PNC Bank
Regions Bank
US Bank
Webster Bank
Wells Fargo


Anonymous said...

Go Trump!

Anonymous said...

After years of being a customer with Bank of America, I did some research into their banking practices. I closed my account with them several years ago and urge all to do the same.