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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Drug abusers have more tooth decay than general public

Being addicted to drugs causes tooth decay, new research confirms.

On average, those with cocaine and cannabis habits had about 3.5 less teeth, the study found.

Adults who regularly used the latter snacked more often and eroded their own teeth, scientists claim.

While some narcotics - including cocaine - caused chemical deterioration when applied to the teeth or gums.

Addicts of both would also clench and grind their teeth, another known risk factor of tooth decay.

A team of Australian researchers combined the results of 28 previous dental studies from around the world.

The study included data of 4,086 patients with known substance use disorders of various drugs.



Anonymous said...

People on methamphetamine don't have to worry about this. All of their teeth fall out before they have chance to decay.

Anonymous said...

Whath thith artshel about? Paath the crack pleath

Anonymous said...

How much did this useless study cost taxpayers?

lmclain said...

Who knew???
Smoking pot makes one get the "munchies", craving a bowl of ice cream or some cookies. And they get cavities.
No one needs to do a study on that.

Anonymous said...

1:21 If you could read and comprehend said words, you would know it was not done here and did not cost the us taxpayers anything.

Anonymous said...

I smoked pretty much daily for almost 20 years and never got the munchies. Not saying it doesn't happen to others but just seems like a stereotype.

Anonymous said...

Drugs must have always been a problem on the shore since most locals have summer teeth. Some are there and some aren't.

Anonymous said...

11:42 It's not just drugs,its the fact that there is no affordable dental care in this area.

Anonymous said...

Having teeth is way over rated AND expensive. Cavities, root canals, bridges, implants - no way.

Pullem and give me wooden chompers like George Washington! Remember he who cut down that darn cherry tree!!!!!!!

(sarcassssssssssssssssssssm off)