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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Maryland: Multiple Gun-Bills on the Move in the Legislature

On Monday, March 20, the Maryland Senate is scheduled to consider Senate Bill 946 It is important that NRA members and Second Amendment supporters contact their state Senator and politely urge them to support committee amendments to SB 946.
Senate Bill 946, an anti-gun bill sponsored by Senator Smith, creates a federally prohibitive criminal penalty for the possession of a firearm on a college campus in Maryland.  Those with wear and carry permits do not present a threat to public safety, as they are one of the most law-abiding segments of the population.  Current law already allows each university to set its own policy regarding the carrying or possession of firearms.  This legislation is a blanket prohibition that disallows schools from using discretion on their campus.


Anonymous said...

This is why it is very important to vote in every election and push all your friends and relatives to register. If you do not contact your Representative no matter what party you are registered as don't complain about how you are getting screwed by these crooked Politians.

Anonymous said...

They'll be voting on these Mon morning the 20th at 11am
Extremely important to contact your delegates NOW with this easy link and simply ask "Please Support these bills"

Anonymous said...

3:24 right on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Smith, What better place to have a school shooting than a school with no guns allowed by people trained and experienced to use guns. That gives a nut job more time to carry out his mission. How long we it take for police to arrive on a 911 call? Will police be allowed to carry guns on school campus? Next what's the difference between a cop carrying a gun and a person that has experience using a gun and has pass all qualifications to carry a gun? I have a brother in law that wanted to be a city cop and passed all test to be a cop and knew very little about handguns.