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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Woman nearly carjacked after stopping for dummy in road

NEWPORT, N.C. (AP) — A sheriff’s office says a woman narrowly escaped being carjacked after spotting what she thought was a child sitting in the middle of the road in the dark of night.

It turned out to be a dummy, dressed in children’s clothing. And as the woman slowed her car, two men wearing dark hoodies approached and pulled on her door handles.

She sped away and called for help as the suspects fled, according to the sheriff’s office in Carteret County, North Carolina.

Maj. Jason Wank says authorities destroyed the dummy later Sunday, just in case. He’s asking for help finding those responsible.



Anonymous said...

I do not understand. Why did Maj. Jason Wank have the doll destroyed? In case of what? So they won't have any evidence? This stinks.

Anonymous said...

If you're driving slow enough you can swerve around an object in the road & then call the police & report it.

Anonymous said...

Always best to keep your doors locked. Just more proof why America needs to lock her doors on immigrants for awhile.