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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Fake news: CNN omits refugee’s Trump praise

Refugees say the darndest things.

The mainstream media had their Donald Trump victim in the flesh when Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who worked as an interpreter for the US during the Iraq War was detained at JFK airport in New York on Saturday.

Darweesh was held after President Trump issued an executive order curtailing the acceptance of refugees from Syria and other jihadi-infected areas.

He appeared before cameras outside the airport after his release.

After he heaped praise on America, a reporter shouted, “What do you think of Donald Trump?”

“I like him,” Darweesh responded, as a look of shock came over the faces of Congress members Nydia Velazquez and Jerrold Nadler, before adding, “but I don’t know, this is a policy, I don’t know, he’s a president and I’m a normal person.”

“America is the land of freedom,” he told reporters at the airport shortly after his release. “America is the greatest nation.”

A source with knowledge of the case confirmed Darweesh will be allowed into the US due to provisions in Trump’s order that allow the State and Homeland Security departments to admit individuals into the US on a case-by-case base for certain reasons, including when the person is already in transit and it would cause undue hardship and would not pose a threat to the security of the US.


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Anonymous said...

Shame on CNN. Creating the narrative isn't reporting the news, it's manufacturing it with an anti-American purpose in mind.