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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

SCHUMER 2015: Refugee ‘pause may be necessary’

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer thought a “pause” in accepting refugees “may be necessary” in 2015 when Barack Obama was president.

But a temporary ban ordered by President Donald Trump in 2017 — barely one year later — literally has him in tears. “This executive order was mean-spirited and un-American,” Schumer declared while surrounded by children.

Numbers USA dug up some old audio of Schumer telling reporters that a “pause” in taking in refugees “may be necessary.”

This is a far different reaction than one he delivered on Sunday.



Anonymous said...

Crocodile tears are a Democrat specialty. Anything goes to get those votes.

Anonymous said...

See the problem is President Trump made the mistake of calling his EO a "Temporary Ban". All liberals see is the word ban. If he had called it a temporary pause, temporary delay, temporary reset, or temporary freeze, to study the effects of immigration on world wide climate change then the libs couldn't have said anything. He and all Republicans need to start using the language of the libs to beat them at their own game.

Anonymous said...

He is a complete ass!!! I sent him a letter yesterday explaining all the reasons why and the only reason I did not include my name and address was the IRS targeting. I did tell him he needs to put his glasses up on the bridge of his nose rather than down on the end looking over them. A poor excuse serving in the US Senate!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is evidently Schumer just depends on who is making the decisions not the decision itself, must be bias, narrow minded, and has total tunnel vision. What a cad just like the rest of the complainers they don't even know their reasons and can't explain them, just hatred for anything Trump.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Chuck Schumer already forgot what he said year ago. Now as an Opposition of Trump, as a Loyal Progressive Democrat, Chucky is throwing hissy fits and Crocodile Tears, Should of been in Hollywood instead of the US Senate.

Anonymous said...

Strange how these morons say or do one thing and then do the complete opposite like we do not a record of the past. They really are morons. We are bigger morons for continuing to send the slightly less moronic creature to congress.

Anonymous said...

I hope he keeps going like he is. The bigger ass he - and Dumb-Dumb Bubble Gum Pelosi- make of themselves, the more people want to vote for republicans.
He's a disgrace to Jews everywhere.