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Monday, February 27, 2017

Under the radar: A look at the lives of three undocumented immigrants in Frederick

Frederick News-Post reporter Nancy Lavin interviewed three undocumented immigrants who live in Frederick. The interviews, conducted through an interpreter, are intended to highlight their experiences in light of local, state and nationwide discussion about immigration enforcement. The people are only identified by their first names as a condition of the interviews. These are their stories.

Seeking refuge from violence

In her native Guatemala, Lidia was aboard a local transit bus when a group of gang members ambushed the bus and killed the driver.

Bus driver killings had become a common occurrence there, often used by local gang members as a form of extortion. But it was the first time Lidia had been a passenger on one of the targeted buses. She was seated directly beside the bus aide, who was also killed.

Lidia said she had a nervous breakdown. She feared the gang members would hunt her down and kill her, too, because she saw the crime.

So she fled, taking her baby, who was 8 months old, with her as she traveled north toward the United States. She had considered applying for a visa, but when the "trauma" happened, she didn't want to wait.



Anonymous said...

Illegal need to be deported. They knowingly and willfully went against the law need to be deported.

Anonymous said...

How unmoving!

Anonymous said...

breakin my heart. now get the hell out!

Anonymous said...

In the late 1700's the Colonists revolted and created the United States. These illegals need to get together and fight for their freedom in THEIR OWN countries the way the Colonists did.
And yes, I acknowledge the way slaves and other Americans fought and died to free them from their bondage. Also, women fought for the right to vote and later the black communities organized and fought for the rights afforded all Americans.

Anonymous said...

Everyone of the mm acknowledges they are breaking the law but yet want sympathy. NO! You didn't do anything legal to be here, sorry! Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

The first two women would probably have been approved for residency visas *if they had applied* especially the nurse. The landscaping guy I'm sure is a hard worker. I wonder if he's paid completely off the books or if he claims a family back in Mexico as dependents and actually pays little in tax but gets a fat EIC every year. I'm sympathetic but I know too many hard working immigrants who applied for visas, found work and contribute to the community before and after they became permanent residents or citizens. The people in this article need to be deported and the landscaping contractor needs to lose his license for hiring illegal workers.