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Monday, February 27, 2017

Democrats Facing Elections Refusing to Hold Town Hall Meetings

As the media focuses on a handful of contentious town hall meetings held by Republican senators, several Democrats who face re-election campaigns this year have quietly decided to skip town halls to meet their constituents.

With the Republican Party in the majority, Senate Democrats are keeping a low profile in the hopes of giving voters fewer reasons to vote against them, the Associated Press reports.



Anonymous said...

They never actually gave a crap about their constituents, just their votes.

Anonymous said...

its about time somebody brought up the Democrat Town Halls or lack of them.

Anonymous said...

Any political servant not wanting Town Halls should NOT be considered come voting time. They serve US, not the other way around.


Anonymous said...

Now isn't that special.

Anonymous said...

MSM, CNN, NBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Univision and the rest don't want you to know how scared their friends (DEMOCRATS) are. That is because they have no answers but destroy the US through progressive liberal policies.