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Monday, February 27, 2017

Md. Lawmakers Push For Earlier Curfew For Teen Drivers

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One Maryland lawmaker is pushing to turn back the clock on the current curfew for teen drivers. Safe driving advocates say it the right thing to do to keep young drivers safe.

Right now, teens are allowed out until midnight, but that could soon change to 10 p.m.

Advocates say too many young lives have been lost.

In June 2016, three teens died in a late night crash in Clarksburg, their pickup slamming into a tree.

“I just couldn’t comprehend it.”



Anonymous said...

Should be 18 to even get a License nowadays !!!

16 too young ....this Not the 70's anymore....more traffic
now is a Big Danger !!!

Should be 21 for Draft or enter any military service !!!

Anonymous said...

No beer till 21
Then, No DRaft till 21 !! Need this LAW ,

Anonymous said...

Should be 18 before being allowed on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Nope, no more new laws, no more infringements on our freedom, drive at 16, drink at 16, smoke at 16, join the army at 16, no seatbelts, nothing!!! no more laws. you are parents, enforce the rules

Anonymous said...

Disagree. My son works after school until almost 10:30-11:00. This isn't fair to those trying to earn money for college or other things.

Anonymous said...

If this prevents the teens from getting jobs the dems can say they need more illegals to fill positions.

Anonymous said...

My kids are not allowed out unto 12.but there should not be a curfew law.Parents should raise their kids not the government

Anonymous said...

Should be 18 to use a Cell Phone > they are Not Toys !!!

Anonymous said...

No beer at 18 , then no sex till 21 !!! (yea right)

Zorro said...

Curfew....when the street lights come on...your ass should be home....vehicle parked at home