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Monday, February 27, 2017

NY Times Reporter Keeps Interrupting Sean Spicer. So the Press Sec. Fires Back with a Lesson in Manners

As has been the case since White House press secretary Sean Spicer first stepped behind the podium in the White House briefing room, Thursday's briefing was a raucous event.

As Spicer called on Bloomberg White House correspondent Shannon Pettypiece, New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush interrupted, continuing to yell out a question. Spicer was having exactly none of it.

As a Twitter user said of Thrush:
Spicer put Thrush's interruption in perspective:

“Glenn, this isn't a TV program. You don't just get to yell out questions. We're gonna raise our hand like big boys and girls. [Thrush continued to interrupt] Because it's not your job to just yell out questions. Shannon, please go.”

Both Spicer and Thrush were portrayed in a now-famous “Saturday Night” Live skit from early February, in which Spicer — mercilessly portrayed by Melissa McCarthy — put Thrush in his place: “Glenn Thrush, New York Times, boo...”


Anonymous said...

When the media IS the story, something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Thrush, when he worked for Politico, sent several articles to John Podesta for "approval" and once requested Podesta "Please don't share or tell anyone I did this." After Wikileaks released the emails he said he did the same for everyone. The story kind of falls flat for me. There's a difference in verifying statements (is it fair to say...this?) versus Podesta having editorial control. Why would he ask Podesta to maintain his confidence if it was normal to have articles vetted before going to print?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Reagan, in an effort to set a sense of decorum and civility, issued an order to the press that questions were not to be yelled out at the press conference?
He also NEVER entered the Oval Office without a coat and tie. Hopefully we'll see that sort of respect return to our country.
Good for Spicer!

Anonymous said...

Liberals are the most intolerant mean spirited people ever.

Anonymous said...

When these idiot loudmouth lib press act like tools ESCORT THEM OUT.

Anonymous said...

When the lame stream media isn't the NEWS, maybe civility will reign. Until then - hold on tight to constant panel discussion of opinions and feelings ad nauseam!


Anonymous said...

Good job Spicer ....Be Strong ...Don't let them stress you out and kill you !!!

Don't entertain all their crap they throw at you. trying to
wear you down.......let it roll off your shoulders !!!

Anonymous said...

They need to do like Pres. Lincoln did, lock up the editors and reporters of bad newspapers! Lock up bad Judges too!

Anonymous said...

Arrogant press needs to be slapped in the face !!

They live in LA LA LAND making Big money and think they
are Entitled and above the rest of us / bought off by Dems

Just kick their asses out when they get out of line and Bar
them for future meetings !!!! Like Trump used to say on
campaign trail " Get Em Out "