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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Grapes of Liberal Winter

The swift currents of liberal promises empty always into the great desert of their futility. Someday, historians will dig into the ruins of the Obama administration and they will find in that moldering heap a record of political actions far removed from America's founding principles of government. They will walk among disasters. They will gaze upon the rubble of old propaganda mills and theaters of intolerance from a time of willful ignorance and civil strife; and they will try to understand our madness. They will wonder that democracy could have survived the vast entitlement plantations built by the Democratic Party for a thousand years of statist rule. And they will further discover in the dust and fallen shapes of the era’s progressive leadership a distinct layer of radioactive contempt for the American people -- all that remained of President Barack Obama's legacy of political failures.

History is not an active force directing humanity towards a state of perfection, but often an account of the vanity of those who believe that it is. And in writing the story of our unhappy times, the scribes will not be kind to Barack Obama. It cannot profit to wait upon the opinions of generations yet unborn, but it suffices for the moment to know that America's long liberal winter of darkness and decline -- the debilitating effects of social justice programming, its mythology, its political correctness, its necessary coercion, dishonesty, and error -- at last has ended.

Despite President Obama's public rhetoric, we never knew the man, for he used language to create a fog of misinformation around his life, his character and his intentions. He believed in class warfare -- the first weapon of Marxist ideology -- yet he spoke only of "hope and change," and there we listened. He brought a passion for political reforms that seemed irresistible, and many wanted to hear him; therefore, we gave him our trust, for we are a nation of good will. In this we were honest; he was not. We wanted to give this man a chance to succeed, to do the things he said he would do -- this man who spoke so well with words written by others. We remember his perverse ingratitude, as well as his arrogance, towards the working middle class, the very people who offered him their hopes for a better life. We wanted to believe in him; he did not wish to believe in us.



Anonymous said...

Okay, he is a fake, of the same sort that would get a bullet to the back of the neck in an underground concrete room with a floor drain in Russia.

Anonymous said...

The most eloquent written article I've ever read. THAT is Obama's legacy, in a thousand words or less. CNN doesn't need to air it's Obama legacy special now.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and to the point. How will this story be told in history books?