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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ex-CIA: Clinton Doesn't Need Putin's Help to Discredit Herself

NSA would have only evidence of "Russian hacking," yet backed off from claim

The main goal of the whole “Russian hacking” US election narrative is a propaganda stunt aimed discrediting Trump by claiming that Russia’s Vladimir Putin personally intervened to discredit Hillary Clinton, retired CIA analyst has told RT.

“It’s designed to smear Trump. Because even the language that developed the notion that Vladimir Putin took it upon himself and instructed the intelligence organs in Russia to go out and discredit Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton didn’t need any help being discredited, she was quite effective at it herself,” Larry Johnson said.

“It was not Vladimir Putin that put the email server in her bathroom,” Johnson added.



Anonymous said...

The funny thing was when the clinton camp leaked emails called blacks lazy and losers they still voted for her overwhelming. If a republican called them lazy and losers they would be calling for their head and even rioting until the person was persecuted in some way.

Anonymous said...

Hillary for Prison in 2107. And take Bill along, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Putin installed the bathroom server then hacked it. That's why Hillary has no idea how the emails got copied. And, John Pedestal also asked Putin to set up his email server as well. Just to guarantee the two of them could communicate with Anthony Weiner and Huma in "Top Secret".

Yeah, that's what happened here, yeah! How the heck did these emails get exposed, anyway?

Does it really matter?

The fact is, the emails got out, and Hillary is guilty of Treason. No matter who caught her in the act.

And, she's guilty of a lot more than that according to the context.

Anonymous said...