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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Obama's Final Gift: Uranium Headed To Iran

Unsatisfied with stoking the fiery cauldrons of Islamic fundamentalism with his weak-kneed response during his eight-year tenure, Barack Obama has now enabled Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, to speed ever-closer toward successful attainment of nuclear weapons, approving a secret delivery of roughly 130 tons of uranium for the fundamentalist Iranian regime.

As AP reports, the move to send Iran the uranium from Russia is supposedly to curry favor with Iran so it will remain committed to the nuclear deal it negotiated with the West:

Once Iran possesses the uranium, it can enrich it to use as reactor fuel or the core of an atomic bomb. Iran already received roughly the same amount of uranium in 2015 as the carrot to induce it to agree to the nuclear deal; it sent enriched uranium in return to Russia. In the current deal, Russia has been compensated by roughly 40 metric tons (44 tons) of heavy water given by Iran; 30 more metric tons have gone to the U.S. and Oman.

Heavy water cools reactors that produce more plutonium than reactors cooled by light water. Plutonium can be turned into the fissile core of a nuclear weapon.



Anonymous said...

Brian Keane has a court date at 1:00 at Wicomico District Court on Thursday 1/12/2016. See what is going on there Salisbury News.

Anonymous said...

Stalk much?

Anonymous said...

I pray to God this IS Obama's Final Gift but he still has 9 more days to spring surprises on the American people.

7:30 your comment is misplaced, BUT since you need for SBYNews to give you the details, why not do a "search" on this blog and you will find Brian Keane has aready been storied up for his misdeed on here.

Anonymous said...

One more example of Obama's and Kerry's anti semitism and pro- Muslim. He wants the Muslims to take over.
Could you imagine the US arming Japan and Germany during WWII? In essence, that's what he's doing - arming our enemy.

Anonymous said...

Iran's leaders have already stated they will annihilate the US and Israel and our sore losing lame duck president is aiding them to do just that. World War III is coming.

Anonymous said...

send Obama to Iran instead of the Plutonium !!!
He will be there with his Buddies !!!