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Saturday, December 30, 2017

OH COME ON! Farmer’s Markets Now Being Called Racist!

For those of you who are keeping a list of things that were deemed racist in the year of 2017, we have one more thing to add before the new year is upon us: Farmer’s Markets. You know, those outdoor markets where your mother sells her squash and your neighbor sells her jam? Apparently they’re not racially inclusive enough for liberals, who think that anything a white person enjoys is racist.

“Just Green Enough: Urban Development and Environmental Gentrification,” is an anthology created by many professors, including San Diego State University geography professors Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J. Bosco, who claim that farmer’s markets are racially exclusive and account for “environmental gentrification.” You know, because we can’t do anything without “gentrifying” something.



Anonymous said...

Anything remotely "white-ish" is now being called racist.

Anonymous said...

They have the right to say it. I also have the right to ignore it . Mindless gibberish uttered by the mentally ill .

Anonymous said...

What a pile of horse sh*t. I'd expect nothing less from liberal Calif.

Anonymous said...

This is so totally untrue. I use to live in Baltimore and they have one of the largest oldest farmers markets there under the expressway. You'd have white and black vendors and shoppers and it was a great social forum and meeting place. It was around way before all these " PC " yuppie, foodie, craft coffee and artisanal BS started. Don't even get me started on Micro Brewers now there is a racist venture. LOL they need some Malt Liquor offerings for sure.

Anonymous said...

im offeneded when i go to the store to buy saltine crackers.they should be called carbohydrate what next? black friday?white wednesday?lol