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Saturday, December 30, 2017

'Never-Trumpers' Crash and Burn

The #Never-Trump Republicans, who were a formidable force in 2016, even after the mogul became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, are a much-reduced group now. And those who have not either reconciled themselves to the 45th president or resolved to support Democrats (at least until Trump is deposed from leadership of the GOP) have a very bleak future.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, considered an ultra-partisan writer as recently as 2012, is one of the most resolute #Never-Trumpers, and is also very angry about the apostasy of her fellow Republicans who are newly minted nationalist-populists now that there is power to be pursued that way. So when she discusses what people like her should do in the next presidential contest, she’s not sanguine about the reconquest of her old party:

"A Trumpized party has made its choice and will, with the encouragement of state TV (Fox News), in all likelihood be willing to go down with the Trump ship, blaming the Never-Trump movement and/or media if he fails."

Beyond that, Rubin’s not sure she wants to associate with these people:

"Why would an anti-Trumper want to run under the banner of a party of quislings who accommodated themselves to Trump, ignored reality, engaged in conspiracy theories and failed to defend democratic institutions?"


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