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Monday, October 17, 2016

Family Eyes Winery For Farm Property

BERLIN – A local family is hoping to turn a historic farm near Route 589 into a winery and special event venue.

Berlin resident Brittany Mariner has partnered with her parents, Barry and Jeannie Mariner, to develop Windmill Creek Winery at the family’s longtime property on Old Worcester Highway. The facility will feature a vineyard, tasting room and special event venue.

“We’d like to be up and running in three years,” Jeannie Mariner said this week.

The Mariners have just started working with county officials to get the project off the ground. They’re working with the Worcester County Department of Development Review and permitting on a text amendment that would permit special events at vineyards. They met with the county’s technical review committee Wednesday to discuss logistics of the site itself. Though there is only a sketch plan of the project at this point, committee members pointed out parking requirements, forestry mandates and access issues.



Anonymous said...

rich white people problems. probably gonna need some illegals to tend the vines. new jobs, yeah

Anonymous said...

What does it have to do with color
Get a grip