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Monday, October 17, 2016

FBI director: Stats don't back up claims about police shootings

SAN DIEGO (CNN) —FBI Director James Comey told a gathering of police chiefs that people who think there's an epidemic of police shootings of black people aren't well-informed.

He touched on a theme he has pursued for more than a year: trying to get police to embrace the need to report statistics on officer-involved shootings. Better numbers, Comey argues, would help the nation understand whether there is a real epidemic of police killings of black men or if the advent of viral videos shared in social media are giving the impression that there are more lethal confrontations between police and minorities.

"A small group of videos serve as an epidemic" Comey argued Sunday.



Anonymous said...

Maybe yes, maybe no, but at this point, who the F believes anything James Comey says?

He has totally destroyed his and his Departments credibility. The FBI is a bunch of stupid chinchillas as far as I'm concerned.

And if they come on my block, there will be a gun aimed.

Anonymous said...

Considering it's James Comey shooting off his mouth again, I believe this- not. He is the most incredible person in this country right now except for Hillary Clinton. Wonder if Big Jimmy has a private and public side like his buddy?

Anonymous said...

Blacks are pandering to the media and the media is pandering to the blacks. Almost five times as many white shot by police and on one says a word. Lets face it blacks know there day in the sun under Ohbammy is over they are pissed. This is all to try and keep Democrats in the White House. I am shocked we can still call it the White House.