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Monday, October 17, 2016

Wikileaks Reveals Long List of Media Canoodling with Hillary Clinton

There is a reason that the establishment media is devoting so little airtime to the Wikileaks revelations: the hacked emails show how many establishment media people are working with Clinton family to rig the election.

Here is a list of some of media actions that have been exposed, so far. 




Paladin said...

Given the current state of affairs with HRC's email and foundation situation, combined with the attempt to use the media to smear DT (and the refutation of such by the DT campaign), along with the fact that despite this all yesterday's Washington Post/ABC news poll shows DT within 4 points of HRC. I will be looking forward to the document dump on November 1 regarding the 33K emails that were supposedly 'bleached' (along with destroyed laptops and cell phones) - Joe, thank you for keeping this in front of everyone.



Anonymous said...

Canoodling? That's an awfully soft word to describe what they did.