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Monday, October 17, 2016

Are Junk Foods Making You Depressed?

Inflammation is the catch word in medical circles as the cause of many of our dreaded diseases. But the latest research shows an undeniable connection between inflammation and mental health, particularly depression.

“We gone light years beyond the notion that certain foods like carbohydrates create a good mood,” Dr. James M. Greenblatt, a Boston-based psychiatrist and author of “Breakthrough Depression Solution: Mastering Your Mood with Nutrition, Diet and Supplementation,” tells Newsmax Health.

“We know from many research studies that a poor diet causes a variety of mental disorders including depression.”

Greenblatt says that the recent Center for Disease Control and Prevention study citing that suicide rates leaped by 24 percent over the past 15 years is partially a reflection of our junk-food society.

“Particularly at risk, in my personal experience, [are] adolescents with eating disorders,” he says. “The most dramatic increase in suicide rates was seen among girls between the ages of 10 to 14. Since 1999, the suicide rate for this group has exploded by an incredible 200 percent.

“Part of this is due to social media, but a large part is due to malnutrition. The adolescent diet is characterized by increased intake of refined grains and processed sugars, and devoid of essential nutrients.”

Greenblatt explains that your brain consumes a whopping 25 percent of our metabolic energy and therefore needs the correct food sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals along with omega-3 fatty acids to ensure optimum functioning.

“Research has shown that low levels of vitamins D, B-12, magnesium, and particularly omega-3 essential fatty acids have been linked to depression and increased risk of suicide,” he says.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much better I feel since I stopped eating white bread.

Anonymous said...

We were spending at least $30 every month at the grocery store on soda and probably another $50 for sodas at convenience stores. When we did a serious budget check a few months ago we decided to cut out sodas almost completely. The kids can have one once or twice a week as a treat, but their days of two or three every day are over in this house.

World Grease said...

the word food is used way too much in describing these poisonous snacks. the keto diet is the only thing that saved me from a certain death with pancreatitis from my diabetes and obesity. I went from 263 to 205lbs having to take 18 pills and 3 shots a day to now being medication free. I do not take any forms of insulin or any shots of any kind and I no longer take pills for anything. educated eating is what the keto diet is all about. being informed on how the sugar industry has destroyed our youth's way of thinking about food is appalling. The food pyramid is total garbage. Think about this: when babies are born, they live on fat. as they grow, we give them less fat and more starches and grains and chemicals to the point that they get fat. our bodies are great at making fat, but most people don't know that they are even better at burning fat. your mind cannot use any sugar ever put into the body. your brain is made of fat and can only burn fat. ketones is where it's at. just think about that. your body needs fat to fuel it's day, but is overwhelmed making fat all the time by the junk you are eating. give the keto diet a try and go from making fat to burning fat while enjoying bacon, sausages, nuts, coffee, eggs, fatback, mayo, and almost anything else you've been brainwashed to believe is a bad indulgent. Give up your sodas, cereals, oatmeals, and all grains and unnecessary carbs in your diet and replace them with fat. Do it for yourself.