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Monday, October 17, 2016

Leaks are NOT from Russians

A lot of Democrat and MSM hype has asserted that it's the Russians whom have been involved in the leaks coming forth. It has been confirmed many times but not reported, many of the leaks are coming from people within our government whom are tired of the corruption in DC - starting with FBI Director James Comey's statements.

People within our government are fed up and surfacing with information from all over the intelligence community. The Media is only trying to diminish the validity but if they were without merit, why would US officials be so vigilant about trying to shut the leak situation down.

Yesterday, three death codes were released because the Internet for Assange was cut by State; however, contingencies were already in place and Wikileaks is still up and running, dumping all kinds of leaks. A late-night trove came forth last night after the nefarious actions.

Folks, you're going to have to think outside of the box this election because the Media is heavily involved in collusion to shove corrupt Clinton down people's throats, knowing her agenda is going to be the final death blow to America's sovereignty and Constitution. It is your responsibility to get informed and be smart about it.

Dare to inform yourselves!

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Anonymous said...

If you were informed that your neighbor was using your identity to get credit cards and scam the bank, stealing stuff from your garage, had poisoned your dog and was having an affair with your teen daughter, would it matter who told you about it?