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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Video Calls Replace In-Person Visits In Some Jails

Since her son Tommy went to jail, Dawn Herbert has been trying to see him as much as she can. He's incarcerated less than a 10-minute drive from her house in Keene, N.H. But he might as well be a lot farther.

"He's in that building and I can't get to him," Herbert says.

Dawn's visits probably don't look like what one might picture, where she's sitting across a table, or behind a pane of Plexiglas looking at and talking to her son.

No. When Herbert visits her son, she has to sit in a windowless booth just past the jail's front door, hold a phone to her ear, and wait for him to show up on a little screen.



Anonymous said...

So what it's jail.

Anonymous said...

Give em more and more? It's jail not the Ritz , WTF.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the media and everyone else goes out of their way to make sure that they don't show a black family in situations like this!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, But a waste of money. Nothing wrong with Plexi-glass
and a wall phone. Depending on the jail, most are not harden criminals. I agree with these in high security penitentiaries.

Anonymous said...

I would think this would be safer for everyone involved.
The person is in jail for some offense or other, this is not a luxury vacation.

Anonymous said...

This sure would eliminate the transfer or contraband to the inmates from visitors.

Anonymous said...

He's being punished Mom.