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Saturday, December 17, 2016


There is an accident at Route 13 and the Bypass that units are responding to.  MSP has advised 2 cars spun on ice in that area.   

There is also another accident at Route 50 and Sixty foot road.  

The bridges in the area are icy even with the little bit of precipitation that we received.  

UPDATE: There have been 2 separate accidents on the bypass.

Northbound entrance onto the bypass is being shut down.   

Stations 16 & 1 from Salisbury are responding to an accident on the bypass at Northwood Drive in the Southbound lanes.  

State Highway has confirmed they have trucks en route.  

Another accident on the bypass in the Eastbound lanes in the area of the Wicomico River bridge.  

Accident with roll over at Route 50 and Sixty Foot Road. 
No accident found at this location. A vehicle was found off the roadway just West of Main street but there was no roll over.

7:02 Am 
Eastbound on the Vienna Bridge is shut down due to an accident.
Dorchester units on scene advise that the bridge is very icy.  They are having difficulty even walking on the bridge at this time.  Advising to expedite State Highway Administration. 

There is also an accident on the Sharptown Bridge.


Anonymous said...

People need to slow down and stop rushing if you have somewhere to go leave earlier. To many accidents the past few days! Wow

Anonymous said...

I just came across Coulbourne and bypass bridge , it has had multiple accidents this morning .

Anonymous said...

Remember the sign, even if it isn't there:


Anonymous said...

Sometimes people don't know what they are driving on until it's too late. The best thing people can have is a gauge to tell them the temp outside. Even professional truck drivers get taken by surprise.