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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Black leaders bash Obama for saying U.S. is racist

'Get over the idea of slavery and move forward'

America’s first black president believes the United States still has not overcome the troubling racial issues of its past. Appearing on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Monday night, Barack Obama claimed that “we have, by no means, overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism.”

Two African-American leaders think that’s nonsense.

“Let me offer an extremely brief refresher course on actual, not virtual, racist policies,” said Ben Kinchlow, an exclusive WND columnist and the longtime co-host of CBN’s “The 700 Club.” “Give me an example of the existence of one of the following today: racial segregation of the blind, segregated schools and textbooks, segregated lunch counters, and even segregated cemeteries.”

As a young black man in the 1950s and 1960s, Kinchlow encountered all those racist policies. He was also required to step off sidewalks to let white women pass by, take off his hat when talking to a white man, and say “yes, sir” and “no, sir” when talking to young white boys.



Anonymous said...

that's exactly where Osama should be, comedy central - HOW APPROPRIATE

Anonymous said...

Will someone please prove that this guy is a fraud and not eligible to serve as POTUS!! Please send that illegal Muslim back to Kenya!!

Anonymous said...

Obama is racist!