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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Arkansas Bill Would Ban Purchasing Junk Food With SNAP Benefits

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- A controversial bill was filed in Arkansas that would ban people from buying junk food with SNAP benefits. If this bill were to pass, you could no longer use your snap benefits to buy things like chips and candy.

One woman who receives SNAP benefits said she thinks it's a great idea.

“All my life I've been behind people while they get chips and soda and candy and their kids grab those lunchables and ice cream and pile their carts full of junk food and just waste our money,” Cynthia Pahmiyer said.

But others said they feel they should be able to buy whatever they want.

“When we are going through the grocery store and we have our kids with us and they like want a candy bar or sucker or something like that and we're just trying to get out of the grocery store and we have to tell them no. We tell them no enough. Why do we want to tell them no because of a health issue,” Jessica Kimberling said.



Anonymous said...

It's about time! If cities can pass laws that limit soda sizes, states should be able to legislate healthy menu options for those eating at the free buffet. This is just common sense solutions. But the ACLU says we can't discriminate against poor people who want the right to buy filet mignon and lobster tail.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, ban SNAP payments altogether. Let family, friends and volunteers take care of someone who needs assistance, not the taxpayers!Let's see how long they would get away with mooching and not looking for a job while receiving "personal" assistance from loved ones.Status would change very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Need to cut benefits.

Anonymous said...

I thought that had always been in place. The stores just don't program it into the registers anymore since there's no penalty for selling garbage for food stamp money.

Anonymous said...

How about they can only get rice and beans

Anonymous said...

Just rice and beans is a little harsh, but I'm all for tailoring the program to what it's supposed to provide: subsistence.

the action or fact of maintaining or supporting oneself at a minimum level.

We need to see a change in the system to ensure that it provides just that, which also means providing just that which is integral to a healthy diet, based on individual needs.

Anonymous said...

They have cash enough for cigarettes, scratch-offs and other non-necessities. Buy your child a candy bar with your own money!
I'm happy to help you feed your children healthy foods though!

Anonymous said...

I would think if I were not employed and received assistance, I would have enough sense to stretch the charity funds as far as possible. After all, I have had to do just that all my life and when things are temporary better I am still programmed to continue saving. It doesn't require a math degree.

Anonymous said...

They need to ban all kinds of stuff - make it like WIC... there's a list of authorized items...include fruits, veggies, pork and chicken and exclude lobster, shrimp, and steaks!