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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jail sentenced shortened for man involved in B’walk fight

Instead of serving 30 days in Worcester County Jail, a man who appealed his conviction for his involvement in a Boardwalk scuffle last July will be held in jail for three days.

Steven Gowen Williams, 20, of Baltimore appeared in Worcester County Circuit Court last week to appeal his sentence for interfering with obstruction of a police officer. Last summer, Williams was one of 11 people charged in two separate incidents when young adults were disturbing the peace, interfering with arrests and attempting to assault police officers.

Williams was one of 200 people in a crowd that formed when police attempted to arrest Savanah Nelson for screaming and inciting the crowd after midnight on July 24. Police said Williams tried to prevent the police from arresting Nelson by grabbing her, pushing her down on a Boardwalk bench and lying on top of her.

According to reports, police employed a stun gun on Williams when they could not physically remove him. When he tried to run down the Boardwalk, he was arrested.



cracktherack said...

How is he ever going to find a job if he be in jail

Anonymous said...

He will be back - bank on it!

Anonymous said...

Should have given him more time. I'll be waiting for their return this summer ready to damage their vehicles... The only thing they seem to care about.

Anonymous said...

Thug life!

Anonymous said...

Need to keep the scum off the streets

Anonymous said...

No justice no peace. Back on the streets to do more harm.