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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sister Of Hijab Hoaxer Lashes Out At Media, New York City Police

The sister of Yasmin Seweid, the 18-year-old Muslim woman who lied about being harassed by a group of Donald Trump supporters on the New York City subway earlier this month, is blaming the media and the New York City police department for investigating the story.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Sara Seweid also appeared to excuse her hoaxing sister, expressing concern over the “mental state of young Muslim women who feel that they have to lie so intensely to survive.”

On Wednesday, Yasmin, a student at Baruch College, admitted that she lied to police when she claimed that she was harassed by three pro-Trump white men on the subway. Seweid claimed that the men called her a terrorist and attempted to remove her hijab. And worse, she said, passengers on the subway car refused to intervene to help her.

The story went viral, with news outlets reporting her allegations without questioning whether she may have been lying. Seweid also gave interviews to local news stations.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, so stressful for a Muslim student being provided with a free education.

Anonymous said...

If she is not a citizen of this country she should be deported

Anonymous said...

Well go to a muslim country where you don't have to lie then. What an excuse anyway - and why make excuses anyway. She lied, period.