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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Congressman Andy Harris’ Statement on United Nations Anti-Israel Resolution

WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Andy Harris released the following statement in response to the United Nations Security Council's Anti-Israel resolution:

“Senators Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz have called for the U.S. to end its financial support for the U.N. until the Security Council abrogates Resolution 2334. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I stand with Senators Graham and Cruz in supporting de-funding the U.N. until the resolution is rescinded.

“The U.N. Resolution is a tool used to legitimize Palestinian claims against Israel. It serves to criminalize Israel and its people and to undermine Israel’s right to exist.

“It is shameful that President Obama failed to oppose this resolution, and it appears the Administration may have even helped orchestrate the effort. With just days left in office, President Obama should stop undermining our best ally and allow President-elect Trump to fix eight years of disastrous foreign policy. The Middle East will be more peaceful when Israel’s right to exist is unchallenged.”


Anonymous said...

See how demonically evil and vile obama and the instrument of the anti christ the UN. Really is? Defund the UN forever....!!!

Anonymous said...

As a muslim(obama) he will do anything for the brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. should defund the U.N. completely and kick them out of NY.

Anonymous said...

Israel only exists because the world powers created it after WW2. In WW1 the world powers promised a Muslim state to the Arabs in return for their support for the Allies. It was never done. Instead a Jewish state is created on top of their shared holy land. It creaps further and further out into the territory of the native people with settlement programs. I hate the Obama administration but I think John Kerry hit the nail on the head when he said you are either a Jewish state or you are a democracy you can't be both. There is a pattern of labeling any criticism of the Israeli government as anti-semetic. As someone who respects separation of church and state how can you hide the bad acts of your state behind your church.
If you think Israel is our friend then look up the USS Liberty. Israel tried to sink it with unmarked planes to pull the US into the 6 day war. Our government was aware of the plot in advance. Many young men were injured and killed. Israel's fingerprints are also on 9/11. They at least knew ahead of time if they didn't aid in the attack. This isn't anti-semetic, it is anti Israeli government. If you are going to be an ally you should act like one. They treat us like their personal attack dogs pulling us into all this garbage in the Middle East. We should just leave now and stay out. Israel has plenty of money and arms and missile defense. They can take care of themselves just fine and don't need to pick my pocket to pay for an army that can defend them from the predictable response of their horrible treatment of the native inhabitants.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Congressman Harris for standing with Israel !