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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

When paying the rent means going hungry

It is a sign of the uneven economic terrain impeding the recovery: Although U.S. consumer confidence is at its highest level in 15 years, a combination of stagnant wages and surging housing costs are leaving millions of people scrambling to afford food.

Forty-one percent of cities surveyed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors reported an increase in demand for emergency food assistance. More than half of the Americans applying for emergency food are employed, while only 8 percent were homeless, the study found. The cities with the biggest increases include Des Moines, Iowa, where the number of requests for food help jumped 15 percent, and San Francisco, where it rose 3 percent.

The culprit is the impact of two intersecting trends that is spelling trouble for many working families: slow wage growth in the post-recession years as well as sharply higher rents. In 2013, one of four renters paid half their incomes toward rent, a trend that’s projected by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies to only worsen over the next several years.



Anonymous said...

But were taking care of non us citizens placing them here while people struggle while they by oboma are flooding this country and dont wanna work but use our tax dollars to bring them here house them feed them wtf honestly kick his a.. out and get rid of this bs common sense sbynews is # 1 spot if you whatch wboc delmarvanow etc just saying omg they saved a cat when we got real stuff goin on here right now other than a dam cat

Anonymous said...

Rent for houses and apartments in Salisbury and surrounding areas is outrageous,no way to survive here on one paycheck coming in,most must be on government assistance.

Anonymous said...

There are indeed problems, but I think this story is more drama than anything else.
I think many (not all) of these people applying for 'food assistance' could be doing OK if they had their spending priorities right. Too often they blow their money on entertainment, lotteries, 20" wheels, etc, knowing they can ask for and get free food.
And, as mentioned above, the illegals are putting a big drain on the resources available. The REFUGEES are also eating up a lot of available housing, driving rents up dramatically.
You might say that is racism, but it's just fact.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious??!? Have you looked at rent elsewhere? You're funny.

Anonymous said...

If you have the income, you won't be granted food stamps. No matter what you spend $ on.

Talk about unnecessary drama.

Anonymous said...

A working mother and father with a child or children, would not be acceptable for any assistance. Yet, someone that I know who is a single parent with 2 kids, was able to get assistance on her rent, food stamps, WIC handouts. And what really bothered me, was that this person was able not once, not twice, but 3 times, to apply for a PELL grant to go to college for FREE. This person now has a degree in the medical field, and did not have to spend a penny. That is the crap that is not fair. It sends a message out that if you don't work, you can get a lot of free benefits.

Anonymous said...

Why get a medical degree (free or not) UFC you're not gonna work?