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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Israel braces for more tensions with US as Kerry plans major speech

Israel is bracing for yet another potential clash with the Obama administration in the final weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, as Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to follow up last week’s anti-settlement U.N. censure with a major address on the U.S. vision for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Times of Israel and Israel’s Channel 2 report that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned about an Obama administration bid to have the Security Council endorse principles for a Palestinian state, and is reaching out to allies in the U.S. Congress and the incoming Trump administration to try and deter further action against Israel.

Netanyahu reportedly is concerned about what parameters Kerry may lay out for a Palestinian state.

While it is unclear whether the Obama administration would push for any further Security Council action – after a U.S. abstention allowed the anti-settlement resolution to clear the council Friday – the White House confirmed that Kerry is planning a speech regarding the peace process.

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told Channel 2 that Kerry will lay out a comprehensive vision for how the U.S. sees the conflict being resolved.

Obama in 2011 publicly called for Israel to pull back to the borders that existed before the 1967 Six-Day War, a call Netanyahu rejected at the time. Netanyahu spokesman David Keyes told Fox News on Monday they were “definitely concerned” when asked about Kerry's planned address.



Anonymous said...

The traitor Lurch needs to fade in to obscurity...he should go cuddle-up to Hanoi Jane - his partner from the same era!

Anonymous said...

Any speeches from the current administration are a waste of good air and listeners' time.

Anonymous said...

If pos Obama backed up 49 years he would be in the middle of race riots. What an ahole.

Anonymous said...

HE is only trying to force a full blown Middle East War against Israel.
So that the next administration will have to step in and look like war mongers. He could care less about human life. Only cares about total Socialism for America. He has pushed us closer than we know.
Who took the Bolt out of FrankenKerrys neck?

Anonymous said...

Kerry has proven that whatever he tries to do he fails miserably

Anonymous said...

Ok guys.
Barry and Michael work for the intelligence agencies.
The intelligence agencies work for the London Bankers.
The London Bankers started WWII, and created Israel.

Think things through for a bit.
The Muslims are being tricked by the Zionists.

Anonymous said...



I think u off ur meds