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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump: The Left Just Lost The War On Climate Change

FWIW. we have probably lost the battle against climate change tonight

This guy – he works for Buzzfeed – has called it absolutely right. The liberal-left just lost the ‘battle’ against climate change.

Donald Trump isn’t just skeptical about global warming. He is what the alarmists would call a full-on climate change “denier”.


Anonymous said...

Ok I agree with you that climate change is at the very least exaggerated. I think there are a lot of chemical companies, GMOs and polluting industries that love having environmentalists chasing warm weather and CO2 all day. The real danger is having unsafe food and undrinkable water because then we truely could be enslaved. Protecting jobs is great, we just have to be sure we leave this planet as good or better than we had for our children.

Anonymous said...

I agree clean air water act, jobs to imposes allot of oversite on those polluting industries. Global warming just another scam by Gore. I thought he made enough when he invented the internet? Gore, you Greedy carbon hog fool.

Anonymous said...

I feei global warming is nothing more then a tax scam. On the other hand polluting our resources should be kept in check.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming and the taxation fix for it are nothing more that the U.N. trying to centralize all government.

Anonymous said...

The global warming hoax was invented to push the wealthier countries into financial chaos thereby hastening a global society. The last 8 years have proven United States leaders were globalist willing to destroy our economy and the middle class to achieve their goals.

Anonymous said...

9000k PhDs signed a petition stating Gore was factualy incorrect. Gore created a foundation now worth 250 million. Obama dimissed the scientist stating he had his own.