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Thursday, November 10, 2016

DJT: A time for greatness

Exclusive: Michael Stutz exults, 'We're going to have a national identity again'

Donald J. Trump remembers when America was great.

I don’t.

For as long as I know, the American past was better than the present – and the future would obviously be worse. That’s been the daily reality for my entire adult life.

I might’ve caught a glimmer of America’s greatness in the eye of childhood, but early on the culture of my youth was a complete bombardment of degeneracy and ruin. Twenty-first century American life now resembles a dystopia that worsens every day.

It took a long while for me to wake up – I was a product of postmodern American culture, post-Vatican II parochial schooling and all the other dumbed-down influences from television to rock. But eventually I came to see how I was born into a society that had already gone into collapse.

The West has been off track ever since the ’60s revolt – it was like the French Revolution, and has caused all institutions to fail.


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