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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Don't Like President Trump? Thank a Liberal


Donald Trump pulled off arguably the biggest political upset in history. He went into election night with a very slim chance of winning and came out victorious. The reason why he won is clear to anyone who has endured divisive leftism over the last eight years and it’s liberals who gave birth to the Trump phenomenon.

Liberal media pundits, academics, and politicians spent Obama’s tenure fanning the flames of the silent majority. Every disagreer was a bigot. Every conservative opposed to central planning “hated poor people”. Every police officer was a racist murderer. Not a single Democrat wasted a moment turning everything into a racial issue - all with zero regard for objective truth.

If you spend any time in the Facebook political sphere, the last few years of Occupy Democrats, Being Liberal, and the rest of the lot will tell you a lot about the underlying tension. “Disagree with us and you’re a racist”, “we deserve $15 an hour because you’re a greedy bastard”, and so on and so forth. Occupy Democrats went so far as to once suggest that disagreeing with the President is paramount to treason.



Anonymous said...

This is absolutely correct.
Right on the money.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I'm going to print this and pass it out to the liberals around me that are fuming about the election.
THIS says exactly what happened and why.
It also says it's time to grow up and move on.

Anonymous said...

The liberals did this to themselves - just like Hillary did herself in with her private server. Grow up and accept responsibility for once.

Anonymous said...

No more free stuff pisses them off.

Anonymous said...

Don't like Trump?
Leave this country!

Anonymous said...

You have not right to tell others to leave their birthplace.
i can choose to not like Trump all I want.
And I am not leaving.

Anonymous said...

6:05pm, 1104 was just looking out for your happiness and well being.

Instead, you would rather stay here among us and hate.

That's what Liberals do. I expect no less from you.