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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Senator Releases List of Odd Things the Govt. Has Spent Your Taxpayer Dollars On

On Monday, the second annual “Federal Fumbles” report was released by Sen. James Lankford. (See full report here). The list details the absurdity of some of the things the United States government spends taxpayer money on. Lankford summarizes the list as “the federal government dropping the ball.” The report is about 154 pages long.

“For every one of these as we did last year, we’re focused on the same thing. We’re not just trying to raise the problem, we’re also trying to raise how do you solve it,” Lankford told reporters. He also pinpoints the four areas that serious government reform is needed for: oversight of grants, regulatory policy, agency inefficiency and lack of coordination between agencies.

Below are five listed bizarre areas that government taxpayer money was used for, highlighted by the Independent Journal Review:



Anonymous said...

Very easy to solve. Do Not Fund and use common sense when making laws / restrictions. Make each expenditure pass a necessity test. DAH. This tells you a lot about the mentality of Politians making a minimum $170,000 a year or should I say for 6 months work if the tax payer gets that much work out of them. They are probably only in DC 4 months out of the year.

Anonymous said...

It would be easy of course if the government were not entirely corrupt to its core.