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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NFL considering pulling the plug on Thursday Night Football?

Nobody likes Thursday Night Football. The players and teams don’t like it because if the extremely short week and the toll that it takes on everybody involved. The fans don’t like it because the quality of play takes a noticeable dip from games that are played on Sundays because of the short week. And shoot, the networks probably don’t like it either because they have to pay an extra couple hundred million dollars for games that they could have the rights to air on Sundays.

But in Roger Goodell’s quest for world domination and putting the NFL on your televisions seven nights a week, Thursday Night Football has expanded into a full season’s worth of games. A few years ago, it was initially expanded to a half season as a ploy to put exclusive games on NFL Network and boost the league channel’s distribution and carriage fees. Then the league opened the games to the highest bidder and created not one but two televisionpackages and a Twitter deal. Now it’s impossible to remember week to week who’s broadcasting games between CBS, NBC, NFL Network, and Twitter.

Alas, with ratings taking a tumble this season and the complaints about Thursday Night Football getting louder, the NFL could finally be coming to the realization that less is more.



Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure on people the NFL is feeling the paun of the ratings drop

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched since that terrorist kneeled for his master.

Anonymous said...

They play on Thursday? Next thing you know they'll start playing football on Monday night too.

B.T.W. I haven't watched Monday night football since they canned Hank Williams for being un-pc

Anonymous said...

We don't watch professional football anymore since they can't stand for the National Anthem.

And, if any college idiot wants to pull the same crap, it will be off the list as well.

Velocity, Discovery, The Food Network, Travel all have other interesting programming.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 5:08.

Anonymous said...

Pull the plug on every night of football, it would be fine with me.

Anonymous said...

You mean Howard Cosell?